'Rogue Red' from Covergirl Catching Fire collection

This is the second of the two polishes I grabbed
from Covergirl's newest Catching Fire collection.
It's a gorgeous orange-red for Fall!

'Rogue Red' is a fiery orangeish-red metallic with golden shimmer.
As you can see, my camera can barely handle all the sparkle it has.
The pictures make it look slightly more red than it really is.
Also, pretty sure ORLY had an exact dupe of this a couple years ago...
I'll be investigating that for later :P

Brand: Covergirl
Type: Metallic
Formula: Awesome
Opacity (1-5): 5
Application:  Great!!
Price: $4-$5 for a mini
Get This: local supermarkets or drugstores

I totally love this polish.
It's perfect for the season & gives me tons of that sparkle that I love!

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  1. wow that's gorgeous! it really does look just like fire!


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