Lime Crime 'Snowsicle'

Today I have a lip gloss I got several months ago,
but i've been waiting to post about it until it got colder.
Being that it feels like 8 degrees outside here today (but really),
I figured now is the perfect time.

Here's LC's Carousel Gloss in 'Snowsicle'

This is an ice colored, clear gloss with holographic glitter :)

Here I've just worn it over plain lips,
but it would definitely look pretty layered over something else.
Think I'll try that next.

What are your thoughts on this gloss?


  1. Wow, I'm not usually a fan of glosses but this one is quite pretty :) Thanks for sharing!

    Abundance of Erica

  2. This gloss is sooo pretty! I can't believe I never purchased this!

  3. this is really pretty. i usually don't like lip gloss with glitter, but i LOVE this!!

  4. Awww...this is pretty. I will def try this out for I am really fond of lip glosses.


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