Zoya- 'Taylor'

I've got another lovely Zoya for you today.
I bought this once from their most recent promotion,
and I obviously HAD to buy it since it bears my name :)

Also, I've been on the hunt for good, neutral, wedding polishes
and this definitely looked promising online.

Here's 2 coats of 'Taylor'.

'Taylor' is a "light toffee creme". It is indeed very light,
but looked a bit different on my nails than I expected.
I still like it, though.

Not sure if it's quite THE wedding polish I was looking for, though,
so I'm still on the hunt!

1 comment:

  1. i love collecting polishes with my name, i have Zoya Jacqueline and Julep Jackie :) i just love a great nude polish like this one!


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