* REVIEW * Benefit 'They're Real!' mascara

As you read from my post the other day,
I've been trying several different mascaras lately.
I'd heard from my best friend that the new mascara from Benefit was amazing,
so when I was in Sephora a couple weeks ago, 
I scooped it up.

Some of it's Claims:
- Lengthens, volumizes, separates, & curls
- Lasts for a long time
- Smudge proof
- No drying out
- Visible lift

I had heard really awesome stuff about this mascara. 
When I tried it for myself, however... it left a lot to be desired.
I actually felt it made my lashes appear THINNER, of all things.
I also didn't like the almost rubbery way it made my lashes feel.
It was really a pain to take off- and i'm used to wearing long lasting mascaras.
But this was just much more difficult and annoying to remove than others i've tried.
It definitely did lengthen my lashes, but since it made them appear thinner I certainly didn't see a volume increase.

I did however, like the brush. It really enabled me to reach those tiiiiny inner lashes :)

- Lengthens
- Great for people with shorter/thinner lashes
- Long lasting (maybe TOO long lasting...)
- Smudge proof
- Handy, skinny brush applicator for smallest lashes

- Rubbery/waxy feel to lashes
- Didn't volumize or curl
- Didn't separate much at all
- Hefty price tag ($20- $23), especially for the quality

All in all, I think this mascara works best depending upon what kind of lashes you have.
I'm blessed to have fairly long eyelashes already,
so what I really need is something that just highlights them-
some color, a little volume, and separation.
This mascara DID NOT do that for me, but I think people with shorter or thinner lashes would have a different experience with it.
For the at least $20 price tag, though, I don't think it's worth it at all.
There are some great drug store brands who do a just as good,
if not better, job.



  1. I have sample of this from Sephora and liked it a lot (actually wearing it today haha). I didn't notice the rubbery feel exactly, but it's soo true how different mascaras work for everyone. I'm sorry it wasn't so awesome for you!

  2. Too bad it wasn't as good as you hoped. I have a mascara that my mom thinks is soooo good, and I don't really like it.


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