Get Carried Away

Happy Friday!
I'll post the giveaway winner later today,
but I wanted to quickly post this polish first.
(I didn't mean to wait to post it until the day the giveaway ended :/)

I noticed a lot of you requested CG's 'Get Carried Away' from the Cirque collection as a prize,
so I've been wanting to post it & let you see!
I got this before Thanksgiving,
but with all the Christmas posts- I never got around to it :/

Here's 1 coat over Maybelline's 'Onyx Rush'.

'Get Carried Away' is a sheer black base filled with silver microglitter & large silver and copper hexagonal glitter. This polish is nearly impossible to layer. Well- you can- but it looks like crap. Definitely need a good base for this to look good!

I really wasn't that impressed with this polish :/
Over 'Onyx Rush' it looked okay,
but I just thought it would look better for some reason...

Brand: China Glaze
Type: Glitter Top Coat
Formula:  Okay, a little gloopy
Opacity (1-5): 2
Application: A little more difficult than desired, but not terrible
Price: $7-$8 at beauty stores; $3 at other online retailers
Get This: (just $3!)


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