Lime Crime Carousel Gloss- 'Candy Apple' review

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I've been lemming for Lime Crime's Carousel gloss in Candy Apple for a lonnnng time now,
and I was finally able to purchase it a couple weeks ago :e

The Gloss/Claims:
- Deep ruby color
- Glittery!
- Contains a long, thin brush for application 
- Semi- opaque coverage
- $16.99 on Lime Crime's website
- Vegan & Cruelty free!

To begin, the packaging is super cute!... though this is always the case with Lime Crime ;)
I applied this to bare lips initially. It's much less opaque than I anticipated,
so I had to use a couple (2-3) coats before it reached the opacity I was looking for. It sure is a gorgeous, deep red!

- Vegan AND Cruelty free! One of my favorite things about Lime Crime products
- Contains glitter!
- Just plain sexy!
- Will last a long time
- Good staying power
- Brush is easy for application

- Hefty price tag :/ 
(I could barely find it any cheaper on amazon/ebay)
- Not as opaque as expected, resulting in needing several coats
- A little too thick/gloopy for my liking

This gloss is unlike any other gloss I've been able to find from big brands like those carried in my local drugstores and Walmart. Once it's opaque, it really is gorgeous. And the glitter is my favorite part :) Gives it a little something extra. Despite all it's benefits, I just don't know if it's worth the price tag. If it was $10 or under, I would definitely recommend it. However, I think the $16.99 is just too much for this product. Unless you can find it cheaper somewhere or don't mind the $16.99 price, I would not suggest this product. It's great, but not THAT great.

RATING (out of 10): 7

Do any of you have this?
What are YOUR thoughts??
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