Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection- 'Maldives Sky' swatches

Happy Sunday, fellow bloggers!
I was browsing around in my local Walgreens last night & came across the newly launched makeup products from Fergie & Wet n Wild.
I've tried some of the nail polishes and was pretty disappointed,
but I figured i'd give some of the makeup a go.

They had several beautiful palettes from the Centerstage collection to choose from,
but for my first time- I chose 'Maldives Sky'.
I'm a sucker for green, blue, & purple on my eyes!

I've never used any Wet n Wild makeup products before,
so i'm anxious to try this palette. The colors are beautiful! I really love the combo.
Hopefully the quality will be better than the polishes!

(( No primer ))
((^ w/ primer ))

As you can see, there's really not that much of a difference between wearing the shadows alone or with a primer. Even so,  I think i'll wear them WITH the primer.
And, (a little unexpected), it appears most of the shadows in my palette are mattes, which I'm not as familiar with. Practice makes perfect though!

I'll try to post a look with these soon.
Have any of you tried any from the Centerstage collection?
What are your thoughts on any of the products from this line, makeup or polish? 
Let me know!
Thanks :D


  1. Great pigmentation. I love how bright the colours are.

  2. I actually bought this palette along with two others although I have yet to try this one. It seems it is the least pigmented. From the three I purchased, Desert Festival is my favorite! You should give the lipsticks a try! They were the best product in the Fergie collection, IMO.

    1. Great info! Ill def try some of the lipsticks :)


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