January Favorites!

Alright guys,
it's that time again!
Here's my favorites from this past month:

I've been using this bad boy for over 5 years, & it's about time I blogged about it!
I'll do a full review of it later, but this is basically the BEST moisturizer i've ever used.
Especially with the dry, cold weather we have nowadays- this stuff is fantastic.
Not only does it smell great, but it leaves my skin feeling super smooth & lovely!
(Not to mention all the benefits to your skin)
You can get this at or beauty stores like Ulta for $33.

So far I've only tried is brand in 'Constant Candy', but I was so impressed that it has to be added to my favorites list, & I HAVE to buy more. It's the longest lasting polish I've tried in a long time, and it's just about $5! How awesome is that?!?

This was my first time trying any Sephora shadows or glosses,
and though I haven't tried all of them yet- i'm very impressed from what i HAVE tried.
Great pigmentation & staying power.
NOT TO MENTION that I got this entire palette for about $30 :)

What are ya'lls thoughts about these products?
What is your favorite product from January?

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  1. I've never tried that moisturizer from Murad. Thanks for sharing.


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