New Maybelline Vivids- 'Fuchsia Flash'

Hey everyone,
my Spring Break starts today and I could not be more ready.
In the next few days, we're going to a Preds game & then out bar hopping in downtown Nashville with our friends,
then moving to a brand new, bigger, & nicer apartment! :D

I recently saw a new display of Maybelline's new line of Color Sensational 'Vivids' lipsticks in my local Walgreens, and with spring approaching- I had to check it out.
'Fuchsia Flash' caught my eye first, so I scooped it up.
(*yes, that IS a paper towel as a background, since 99.9% of my apartment is packed up!)

The lipstick/claims:
- 10 new brighter shades
- Based off of their "exclusive vivid pigments"
- Creamier feel
- Honey nectar nourishes lips

I'm still a noob in the lipstick world, but i've been slowly trying to build my collection the past couple months. Since Spring is almost here, I've been searching for a cheerful, bright color. I've never worn hot pink on my lips before- but i am I am IN LOVE with this shade.
Here I've used it over lip balm, and the lipstick applied super smooth and seemed much easier to apply than other lipstick brands i've tried.
(see a recent look I used with this lipstick here)
*this is MUCH brighter in real life & in daylight!

- Awesomely bright shade
- Applied very smoothly
- Great staying power
- Decent price

- Honestly, NONE! :)

Though I'm not super familiar with lipstick brands, this baby gave me exactly what I was looking for. I absolutely love the shade & everything about this lipstick.
I've tried one or two other Maybelline lipsticks awhile ago,
but they weren't quite as awesome as this one!
For just about $8, you can't get much better.
I definitely will be purchasing more lipsticks from the 'Vivid' line.

RATING( out of 10): 10

What do you guys think about this product & my review?!
Have you tried any lipsticks from the 'Vivid' line?
Thanks for reading :)


  1. I'm super intrigued! I wonder what other vivid shades they have, I would love an orange or purple shade! So awesome it's only $8!! I will definitely be checking this line out, thanks for the review!

    1. They DO have an orange and purple!! I was actually looking at the orange also. So glad you like the review! :))

  2. this is gorgeous! what a beautiful color

  3. This looks awesome on you! I love these lippies~


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