Skyrim Makeup Series- Altmer

Classes are finally over (at least until exams next week),
and it's time to start my skyrim series!
I've thought long and hard about how exactly I wanted to do this,
and I think i've decided to do a look based on every race in Skyrim: Elder Scrolls,
which is my favorite Skyrim :)

Tonight's look is based on the Altmer.

The Altmer are the High Elves, skilled in arcane arts.
The are characterized by shades of gold, green, & amber,
with yellow-gold eyes and a light, pale gold skin tone.

Based on this description,
here's the look I came up with:

So what's going on with my skin??!?
Yeah so, I attempted to capture the 'pale gold hue' that is the Altmer's skin tone
by adding golden shimmer around my eyes & on some of my nose.
It didn't translate that great, but whatever! :P

UD's 'Blitz', Maui Wowi', & SYN Cosmetics' 'Synfused'

Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Victorian Disco Cosmetics' 'Leia's Bikini' & 'Yoda's Yoga Mat'
MUG's 'Sea Mist '

UD's 'Libertine' & 'Bender'
Victorian Disco Cosmetics' 'The Fett'

I had A LOT of fun creating this look.
I knew this series was going to be fun.
What do YOU guys think?
Let me know! :)


  1. your gold shimmer face is my favorite!! i literally cant get over how pretty it is

  2. This is awesome! <3
    I loooove TES, and Skyrim is no exception :)
    My first character was an Altmer, which I liked but I absolutely hated the Thalmor. They were a bunch of douches xD


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