PCC- 'Winter Wonderland'

Even though Spring is right around the corner for us in TN,
I know lots of states are still dealing with tons of snow.
Here's the last of my Pop Culture Cosmetics winter polishes :)

This is 2 coats of 'Winter Wonderland' over Zoya's Phoebe

'Winter Wonderland' is a clear base with tons of iridescent micro glitter,
small, medium, and large white circle glitter, and large white snowflakes.

I really like it over the blue base.
It makes it look more wintery or something :)

Brand: Pop Culture Cosmetics
Type: Glitter Top Coat
Formula: Good!
Opacity (1-5): 1
Application: Good, but you definitely have to dig for the bigger glitters.
Price: $4 for a mini
Get This: no longer sold :/

What do you guys think about this top coat?
It's winter-ful! ;P

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