* REVIEW* Too Faced's Jingle All the Way makeup set

So yeah,
this is Christmas-themed...
but nothing else about this palette screams Christmas.
In fact, it's full of great, everyday shades!

Read on for more...

The Product
Too Faced released the Jingle All the Way palette around Christmas (duh),
but it's made for so much more than that.

Some of my everyday makeup necessities are from Too Faced,
but I had never tried any of their shadows.
So, when I saw this bad boy on Sephora's website for $19-
I scooped it up!

Some of it's Claims:
- Contains "touch-up read" products
- 11 "Day-to-night" eye shadows
- Bronzer
- Blush
-Comes with iPhone 5 case designed by Mary Macdonald

The Review
I was really excited to try this makeup set mainly because of the shadows.
I was in need of some new neutrals,
and the pops of color intrigued me, as well.

Here are swatches of 9 of the shadows!

The shadows are a mixture of mattes, glitters, and satin shimmers
The neutrals are my favorites, and I use them for my daytime, everyday look.
I've also tried to pink & teal,
and they go on wonderfully.

And here is the bronzer and blush:

I already have a blush I use by Tarte,
so I don't use this blush on a regular basis.
It's a little too bright for me,
but it's cute all the same.

I never use bronzer anyway, so I haven't tried this bronzer yet :/

The back of the makeup set also serves as an iPhone 5 case:

I don't have an iPhone 5,
 so this case won't be coming off the back of the set.
It still looks cute, though?
I don't know if I would use it for my phone even if i did have an iPhone 5 though,
because the case is plastic, thin, and seems a littttttle flimsy/cheap.

- Lovely shadows, with a little bit of everything
- Bonus bronzer and blush
- Super easy to fit into a purse, or even some pockets
- Free iPhone 5 case, or at least a neat back (if you don't have an iPhone 5)
- Easy to transition from a daytime look to a nighttime one!

- iPhone case is pretty flimsy, but you're not buying this set for the  case anyway :P
- Most of the eye shadow tiles are so small that it's hard to get them on some brushes
- it's $19 dollars
- It would be nice if it came with a mirror! That's really the only thing it's lacking...

Whether or not I suggest you buy this makeup set depends on your budget and expectations. 
If you're the type of person who's just looking for a small palette or shadows that are neutral, but don't really care if it's a prestige brand- this makeup set is not for you. $19 WOULD seem a little pricey if that's all you were looking for, and that's okay! :)
However, if you're the type of person who doesn't mind spending a couple extra bucks for prestige cosmetics or just loves Too Faced, I definitely recommend this product.
I really love how the shadows, blush, and bronzer are all together... now if only it came with a mirror! :)

RATING (OUT OF 10): 8.5

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