* REVIEW * Wet N Wild Mega Slicks Lip Balm Stain

So i've been seeing these bad boys bounce around the blogging world recently,
and thanks to my newfound love for this style of lip color,
(all thanks to Revlon)
I figured I'd give one a go.

The Product:
I'm not sure if Wet N Wild or Revlon started this whole lip balm thing first,
( I just know I tried Revlons first),
but I'm pretty sure these by Wet n Wild came afterwards.
Regardless of the inspiration for the product,
these balm stains are designed to be like lipstick,
but not the... how do I word it?... 'thick' texture that comprises most lipsticks.

The balm stain I scooped up was 'A Stiff Pink':

Ok, so aside from the weird and slightly sexual name, here are the claims...

Some of its Claims:
- Provides a smooth, "kissable" pout
- Conditions the lips, thanks to the Acai Palm oil
- No feathering
-6 shades
- Gives a unique, "minty", cooling sensation
- Long lasting power

The Review
The product caught my eye in the drugstore mainly because it appeared to be similar
to the Revlon balm stains I love so much,
and also because I'd seen some hype about it in the blogging world.
I bought 'A Stiff Pink' and promptly swatched it when I got home:

As you can see, it's a bright, bubblegum pink.
Though it's not so bright to look like something a 15 year old would wear :)
I would pleasantly, pleasantly surprised with it!!

- bargain price, cheaper than Revlon's balm stains
- SUPER smooth & soft
- Lovely, pink color
- Easy to apply
- No bleeding or feathering

- Only comes in 6 shades, but I expect they'll make more as the product sells
- I didn't notice any "minty cooling" effect, if that's something you're looking for
- Not quite as long lasting as it claimed, but definitely still lasts a while

The Verdict
This product FAR outweighed any expectations I had. It went on so buttery smooth
and felt great on my lips, definitely conditioning them as it claimed.
Being that this baby is a great bargain price,
you definitely get a bang for your buck!
I'm super anxious to try the other shades, too.


  1. I picked up a couple of these and they totally exceeded my expectations, too! They're lovely! I think I need to pick this color up next! :)

    xo Glazed Over

  2. Gorgeous color on you! I still haven't checked these out yet, but I will now :)


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