* REVIEW * Covergirl Bombshell Volume mascara

So I love reviewing mascaras...
finding out which are the next best thing and which ones aren't worth their price tag.
(See my most recent mascara review posts here and here)
Today I have yet another mascara review for you,
this time from the ever reliable, Covergirl!

The Product
Covergirl recently (as in the past couple months) released yet another mascara,
this time titled Bombshell Volume.

This brand has so. many. dang. mascaras... is it even worth it buying this 'new' one?
Read on to find out! :)

Some of it's Claims:
- Two step "Bombshell Boost System"
- Combines loads of volume w/ a top coat
- Creates "big, sexy Bombshell lashes"
- 10x more noticeable than bare lashes
- Makes lashes look "way beyond big"
- Comes in 4 shades

The Review:
So I scooped this up in the drugstore initially because the packaging caught my eye,
but also because I was about to run out of my L'Oreal Butterfly mascara.
The whole two-step thing is what made me finally give in to give it a go,
as it looked new and possibly worthwhile.

What's all this about the two ends?
Let me show you.
First, end 1 is the "extreme" volume base coat,
with a brush that looks like this:

End 2 is the "intensifying" top coat,
which looks like so:

it's not a bombshell effect.
Or at least I didn't get it.
And according to loads of other reviews I've seen on CG's site,
it didn't do it for other people, either.

The idea is cool.
Just not sure how effective it was, though.
Some of my letdown might also be the colorful words used in marketing it.
The base coat was anything but "extreme",
and the top coat was hardly intensifying...
However, my lashes did look noticeably better than when they're bare!

- Brushes are easy to use and maneuver
- Affordable price at $8-$9
- Definitely made my lashes more noticeable

- HARD to take off
- Caused my lashes to clump a bit
- Didn't create the insane bombshell effect it claimed

If you just want a mascara to put on your bare lashes so they stick out,
this mascara will work for you.
It's a decent price and readily available at most locations.

However, if you ever hope to take it off-
you may be in for a rude surprise.
This isn't waterproof, but my UD makeup remover OR Vaseline
hardly made it budge.
I definitely rip out a least a few eyelashes when taking it off.
I don't know if this is due to the double coats you use or what.
Regardless, it's a pain.
Also, this just did not make my lashes look "big",
unless you count how they looked when they clumped...
and they DID clump with this mascara.

I think CG had a good initial idea when they created this,
but it just never came to fruition.

RATING (OUT OF 10): 6-7

What are YOUR thoughts on this mascara?
What did you think about this review?

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  1. I think I am okay with this. Its affordable and you said that its easy to use. I'm okay with so I will def gonna check on this.


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