February Favorites :)

It's been embarrassingly long since I've done a favorites post,
I'm ashamed to say.
Sorry about that!
Things have just been insane with my student teaching the past semester and a half.

Now  I finally have some time to do it, though.

So here they are!

1. Revlon Matte Balm Stain in 'Elusive'.
*NOT my picture. Credit to

This has quickly become my newest favorite lip color.
It's muted/dusty enough that it works for Winter,
but it's also bright enough that it works for the coming Spring.
See my swatch of this bad boy here.

2. Too Faced Jingle All the Way makeup set

This makeup set has been my go-to to create my everyday daytime look.
The neutrals in it are fantastic,
with lovely shimmer.
See a FULL review of it that I just did here.

3. Victoria's Secret perfume 'Tease'

That is all :)
Go buy it if you know what's good for you.

I was really pleased with how whimsical and fun this look turned out to be.
It's a bit more dramatic than I usually do,
but it's been probably my favorite from this month.
See the crazy purple/blue lip I paired with it here.

Zoya 'Layla'

I bought this polish LAST Valentine's Day,
but every time I use it, I'm thrilled all over again that I bought it.
Such a bright, happy pink! 
Also, my daughter's name ;P

This has been my other favorite look from this month.
I really loved how soft the purple and pinks were together,
and the gradient of that light to dark purple in the crease.
I'm quite pleased with it :)

What are ya'll's thoughts on these?
Which is YOUR favorite?

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  1. great favorites! I can see why those eye looks were included; they're stunning!!! :)


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