Colourpop Cosmetics Lippe Stix- 'Charm'

I have an interesting lip stix from Colourpop for you today.
All the hippie i've tried from them so far have been matte,
but 'Charm' is a satin.
AND, did i mention, MINT GREEN.
I saw it online, and in lieu of our sudden Springy weather, I thought I would buy it/post it.

I've really liked the lippie six I've tried to far because they were super easy 
to apply.
I don't know if this was harder to apply because of the satin formula or the color,
but it was :/

The color os gorgeous, for sure.
It's not something I would normally wear,
but it was fun to try nonetheless.

The opacity/quality wasn't anywhere near as good as the others I've tried,
so that was disappointing.
I'm convinced it's just a dud, though,
because I've tried 2 others that came with this one-
and they're awesome.

Stay tuned to see those! :)

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  1. This color is so awesome! Too bad about the formula though :(


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