What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?!

It's Monday again! -__-
As monotonous as Mondays usually are,
I've decided to switch up my blog posts a bit today.v
I switched up my hair color recently,
 and I thought about doing a little post about how my hair color matches my personality!
Since this is usually (though definitely not exclusively) a makeup/nails blog,
I don't post as often on hair care products OR show my own hair.

My new color turned out to be a wine-ish/purple color...
 depending on the light.
At first, I was worried it was too purple...
but now- I LOVE IT.
Here are a few pics:

(natural light)

(indoor lighting)

So what is the technical name of this color??!
... no idea. haha :)
BUT, when I sat down to actually think about the color and it's relevance to my personality,
I realized they coincide very well.

To me,
this color is feisty, confident, and sultry.
I'm a meager 5'2", but I'm a lot of feisty energy in a small package :)
You can't be a special education teacher, the mother of a 3 year old, and play soccer with 30 year old men & NOT be feisty! 

I've also always been a self assured, confident woman,
and I feel like this bold color requires/reflects that of a person.

a deep wine color such as this immediately invokes something sultry to me.
I love to empower women to embrace the sexy side of themselves,
and a hair color such as this really reflects that aspect of my personality, too.
I didn't know it at the time,
but I've picked a hair color that is totally synonymous with my personality :D

I'm extremely curious what all my followers' hair colors are & how they reflect their personality.
Thinking of changing your hair color like I did?
Check out this amazing, personalized Color Advisor from Madison Reed!
Just answer a few, quick questions and get awesome recommendations!
Haven't heard of Madison Reed? They're a hair dye company that I stumbled upon that has
reengineered hair color, making it a healthier salon-quality alternative.
Their dye is free of PPD, sulfates, resorcinol, ammonia, AND gluten!
How cool is that?!
It doesn't get any easier :)


  1. I love your new color. It's hard to say how my hair color fits my personality since I have had my hair every color under the sun! Blues, pinks. purples, reds, blondes, you name it! Right now its a brown to bright red ombre. I guess I would call it fun and fiery!

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