Zoya Pixie Dust 'Lux'

I've only tried one other Pixie Dust from Zoya before,
but I loved it. SO, I was very anxious to try another one.
When Zoya had their last promo,
I scooped up two.

Here's the first: 'Lux'

'Lux' is a "rose quartz" Pixie Dust. They claim opacity is a 4 (on a scale of 1-5), but I would say it's closer to a 3. Here, I've got 2 coats of it over Covergirl's 'Constant Candy'. 
I couldn't completely capture the jaw-dropping sparkle of this bad boy,
but it's close enough.
Needless to say, the sparkle & shine is INSANE.
Definitely beautiful!


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