Game of Thrones shadows/swatches!

Okay, so, I"m a big game of thrones fan.
I've read all the books & they're amazeballs,
PLUS the show isn't half bad, either.
In honor of Season 5 starting in the next few weeks,
I'd decided to buy some shadows from the ever amazing
I've actually never bought this brand before,
but I've heard and seen nothing but great things.

I chose several pigments from the Game of Thrones collection,
and here are their swatches! :)

Though I haven't actually worn any of these yet,
I was very pleased with quality & pigmentation while swatching.
Stay tuned for a/some look(s) using these soon!


  1. Oh look at Maiden Queen - GORG!

  2. satta king satta Bazaar you may sleep very deeply which relaxes the muscles in the back of your throat more than usual.


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