Colourpop Cosmetics- 'Go Fish'

Happy Mother's Day!!

So I know I've been MIA of a week or two again,
but the end of the school year is truly winding down now,
(I have ONE full week left!)
and my schedule is crazy busy.

However, I finally took some time to blog about 1 of the 4 new Colourpop lippies that I ordered a week or two ago.

Today's post is about 'Go Fish'.

This is the first Hyper Glossy lippie that I've tried.
I usually prefer a matte finish,
so I was skeptical about liking this one.
Here it is:

'Go Fish' is described as a "vibrant, coral-red"... but it's more of a vibrant, hot pink ;)
Either way, IT'S AWESOME.
I couldn't believe how much I loved it.
Summer is a perfect time for a lippie like this,
and I can't wait to break it out :)

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