August favorites!

So the end of August is already here. wtf. Time absolutely flies by nowadays :/
BUT, the end of August means my favorites from this month- and I have some great ones this time ;)

***WARNING: Some of the following material is sexually explicit and could be offensive to some. Please do not read on if you are under 18 or are offended by such material***

So i've been to a couple 'adult' or 'sexy' parties in the past month, and some of the products are just so awesome that I HAVE to share them with you!

1. Slumber Parties' 'Coochy Cream'
This is 4oz of awesomeness. This little number is THE BEST product i've ever used to shave the Queen Victoria. This is perhaps a topic that many of you don't like to talk about, but we all do it (or need to). However, razor burn (among other things) can make it such a pain. 'Coochy Cream' enables me to shave EVERYDAY with NO razor burn ever AND it's as smooth as a baby's butt. I've yet to find any shaving cream or soap that can do that! You can get this off Slumber Parties website for $12 ;)

2. Slumber Parties' 'Basic Instinct'
Slumber Parties describes this as the following: "attract all the right attention with synthetic human hormones. It contains essential oils, so the scent will change based on your individual body chemistry," Basically, you rub this little sucker over your biggest arteries (like behind your ears and on your wrists) and seduce the world. The only reason I got it is because, uh, it totally works. At least for me and who I want to attract, haha. But I know several people that put it on, go into a bar, and literally have 3 guys approach them. Really neat, no matter what your desired outcome is. This is something I'd definitely recommend to any of you single girls! It's $27 which is a littttle hefty, but it lasts forever and is totally worth it ;) You can buy it here.

3. X-Scream

Okay, so this barely fits into the 'beauty' category- but I'm going to say it does ;) This sucker is the most sexual of them all. It's desired to "enhance" your sexual experience. This can be used be both men & women. It's gives you an instant tingling sensation that pretty much makes you horny immediately haha... but really :x It totally makes orgasms 10x better. Only a tiny dot is needed (for the ladies, anyway) & you're good to go! You can get it here for $19.


4. Pastel purple nail polish
(not sure why this looks pink... ?!)
Pastel purple nail polish like Essie's 'To bUy or Not to Buy' has really grown on me this month. Even though it's more of a spring shade, I've just discovered it and really like how these colors look against my skin tone.

5. 'Maui Wowie'
This is a nude colored shadow that's packed with glitter. This has been my latest favorite to use for highlight on my brow bone. Most have my recent looks have incorporated it at some point :)

That's it for my August favorites!
Do any of you have these?


  1. HAHA your description of the coochy cream cracked me up! you are too funny. but its so true! If i shave too often I get terrible razor burn, i might have to get this!

    1. right?! its such a pain. i def. recommend this stuff. I originally thought it was a total hoax- until I tried it!

  2. You are so funny. I love how your August = sexxy stuff>>>makeup!! I've used something similar to your #1 and I loved it. I kinda forgot about it too, maybe I should try this stuff because razor burn SUCKS. Maui Wowie is a fav of mine too!

    1. lmaooo. it's good times. Coochy cream is amazing. and YEAH! Maui Wowie is my new fave

  3. Sex stuff is freaking expensive! It would be nice to shave the hoo ha everyday without problems though. Do you just use the second stuff at home? Seems ludicrously priced for a simple seduction tool. :/

    1. some of it is unjustifiably expensive, yes. The second stuff IS pricey, but it lasts forever so I feel like it evens out. But you're right, its just a simple seduction tool. I got it for free since I hosted a party and I just like how it makes me smell haha. MY favorites are the coochy cream and x-scream, though

  4. Haha thank you for your review of our products. I love them!


    1. oh awesome, you work there! Yes, they are totally amazing. Had to share them with the world! :)


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