Sorry for that mini hiatus, guys.
I found out I have strep throat, so i've been out of commission since saturday.
I'm somewhat on the mend, though, so it's time to jump back into posts.
Today I have my first ever polish from Fanchromatic Nails, 'Direwolf'.
Here's 3 coats!

'Direwolf' is a sheer grey base with tiny white, black & grey circular glitters and a few medium sized silver hexes mixed in. I used it by itself (& it was easy to build up), but I think next time it will look better layered over a dark grey base. The direwolf is  the sigil of house Stark of Winterfell, one of my favorite families from the show Game of Thrones :)

Brand: Fanchromatic Nails
Type: Glitter
Formula: Great!
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Great!
Price:  $11.25
Get This: her Etsy site, though it's currently closed for nowtsy site 

I was pretty pleased with this polish. It lived up to it's name & the formula was just lovely.
However, I did not feel it merited the $11 price tag. There are cooler polish on llarowe that I'd rather spend that hefty a price on... but if her prices go down a bit, i'll definitely be revisiting her shop!


  1. This is really pretty!

  2. i hope youre feeling better! i like this polish, reminds me of the new Hard Candies!

  3. This is really pretty! Feel better soon! :)


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