NEW Maybelline Vivids- 'Brazen Berry'

Alright guys,
as you know if you've been following my blog in the past month or so,
I'm in LOVE with Maybelline's new line of Vivids lipsticks.

I've recently added to my collection 'Brazen Berry'.

It looks like it would be MUCH more purple than it really is,
which kind of bummed me out.
But I suppose for crazy, rich colors like that-
 you'll have to go somewhere like Lime Crime.
(which is my next venture!)

Anyway, here's several 'coats', if you will, of 'Brazen Berry'.

Pretty! No doubt, but not anywhere near the purple shade I thought it would be.
Even so, it applied perfectly and was super soft,
which (aside from the awesome colors),
are the big selling points of this line.

IF you for some crazy reason haven't tried at least ONE of the lipsticks from this line,
you need to change that immediately.
They are definitely worth their small price tag!


  1. i love that color! too bad its not more pigmented though

  2. I felt that way butttt if you blot & re-layer it goes more purple. I then put on "Mirrored Plum" lipgloss by Maybelline over that and BAM I had super awesome purple lips that I did not wear out of the house from fear lol

  3. That is a really pretty colour :)


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