Christmas Classic series- 'Frosty'

Sorry it has been over a week since I blogged.
I had finals and final projects all due last week.
(Did I mention I wrote close to 50 pages? :pulls hair out:)

the constantly rainy/cloudy weather hasn't aided me in doing any nail looks
since I use natural light for all those.
So, good times.

Before I begin all my new posts,
(and I have TONS of them!!)
I wanted to post one of my favorite throwback Christmas polishes...
Here's 2 coats of (what used to be) Lush Lacquer's 'Frosty'!

'Frosty' really encapsulates all that I love about this indie maker.
It's original, fun, formula is great, good quality, and it applies really well.
What do you guys think about this polish?

A Classic or no?

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  1. i hope all of your tests went well, This is such a festive, and glitter packed polish!


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