PCC- Sugarplum Fairy

I have another cute polish from Pop Culture Cosmetics for you today!.
Here's 2 coats of 'Sugarplum Fairy' over 1 coat
of Sinful Colors' 'Sweet Tooth'.

'Sugarplum Fairy' is a pastel purple base filled with all things purple & pink!
Purple microglitter, medium purple and pink hexes/circles, large pink circles,
and everything in between that's holo!

I couldn't believe how much it sparkled
and how much I liked it.
It looks even better once it's on!

Brand: China Glaze
Type: Metallic
Formula: Great!
Opacity (1-5): 5
Application: Perfect!
Price: $7-$8
Get This: beauty stores like ULTA and Sally's or large supermarkets

Pop Culture Cosmetics is currently closed for maintenance,
but it opens back up Jan 2!
Check back then for NEW polishes!

What do you all think about this polish?

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