PCC- 'Silent Night' & 'Holly Jolly'

i've got to double up on posts/polishes here because 
I have too much to post before Christmas day haha.
Today, both are from Pop Culture Cosmetics!

First up, 'Silent Night' over Sinful Colors' 'Rain Storm'.

'Silent Night' is a dark blue crelly with all white/holo glitter: micro, medium squares and hexes, large circles, several large half moons, and large snowflakes & stars.
LOVE this polish!
The glitter types really make it, in my opinion.
I love it over 'Rain Storm', too.
(You gotta dig for the stars and snowflakes, though)

Next up, 3 coats of 'Holly  Jolly'-

'Holly Jolly' is a mint-green base filled with green & red glitter.
This reminds me faintly of Lush Lacquer's (currently Polish Me Silly)
'Frosty', but with a green base.
Either way, it's a cute Christmas polish!
One note, though, it does get a little gloopy after a few uses.


  1. LOVE Silent Night, great base polish color. Perfect combination. Holly Jolly I'm on the fence about. Great swatches!


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