*REVIEW* Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet

I have finally acquired a product i've been lemming for forever,
thanks to my bestie :)
She got me the Velvetine I've wanted most, 'Red Velvet'.

The Product:

A gloss that dries matte, giving your lips a smooth, velvet look.

This product has been around for well over a year now,
but they're still wildly popular and coveted :)

Some of it's Claims:
-A gloss that dries totally matte
- Touch/smudge proof
- Long lasting
- Comes in 3 shades

The Review:
As I said, i've been wanting this bad boy for a long time now.
Anyone remember my recent Revlon matte balm post?
Yeah, I bought that because it appeared to me a cheaper version of what I really wanted-
this velvetine!
Here it is:

Yeah, this. is. awesome.
The velvet, matte look is to die for, for sure.

- Does in fact dry to that sultry, velvety finish :)) LOVE.
- Goes on as a gloss, which makes it super easy to apply
- The brush is a standard gloss brush, but different from the Carousel Gloss 
brushes that LC uses now.
- LAST A LONG TIME. I ate, drank, sang, etc and it still took me awhile
to get off once it was time for bed haha. Definitely long lasting!

- Pricey, with a price tag or $20 if you buy from their website
- Just comes in three colors. They've expanded their color options
by recently adding a pink, but I still wish they had more color choices.
They may be working up to that, though.

Whether or not I would suggest you buy this gloss depends on your budget, really.
If you don't have one (either because you're made of money or you're going to ask for it as a gift, ASK/BUY IT. Though it's $20, it does everything it claims and really is gorgeous.
if you're on a stricter budget, Revlon's Matte Balm stains will do nicely.
'Standout' is a very similar shade to 'Red Velvet' and will suffice as a replacement.
It won't last quite as long as this one from LC<
but it will be a great compromise.

RATING (OUT OF 10): 9.5


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  2. Gorgeous! This is also on my wishlist. I keep putting in by bag but then not buying it. I may have to splurge and get it now.


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