a little 'salt n peppa' :P

Hey guys!
I'm FINALLY about 90% moved in... just in time to get my wisdom teeth out in the morning!...

Anyway, I think it's safe to say I probably won't be posting in the next few days,
but we'll see.
I might recover quicker than we think, who knows.
If my OBGYN said I have a high pain tolerance and I STOOD UP during labor almost until the exact moment I had to push (with no epidural), i'd like to think I can get some freaking wisdom teeth pulled without too many problems.

Anyway, exciting post tonight!
I ordered a couple indie polishes forever ago,
and it had been so long between my ordering them and me finally getting the email that they've been shipped that I completely forgot I bought them.
So them getting here the other day was a pleasant little surprise!
Tonight I have my favorite of the 3 I bought-
Lush Lacquer's 'Salt N Peppa'!

'Salt N Peppa' has different sizes (& shapes) of white & black glitter in a clear base. They've got the standard hexagons, bar glitter, squares, etc. PLUS, they've added some iridescent micro glitter in there, as well, which gives the overall effect a really nice touch.
I chose to use it over one of my new polishes from my mini haul the other day:

*excuse my messed up middle finger :/*

I was most excited when I found this polish because it reminds me of the elusive 'Connect the Dots' of Lynnderella's, which I will probably never get my hands on... but that's ok with me now. This polish is FABULOUS. It looks great over anything, and it just so awesome looking. This particular mani reminded me of an 80's design, for whatever reason.
I used 1 coat of 'Salt N' Peppa' over 2 coats of this lovely pink/light coral creme polish (it has no name :/) by Julie.

This little number is definitely one of my new favorites. You can buy this polish along with several others in Lush Lacquer's Etsy shop. This one was $8.75.
I bought one other polish from them aside from this one,
and I'm definitely planning on buying more.
They're really great!

What do ya'll think?
Do any of you have this?


  1. I got my wisdom teeth out and came home and was doing homework as soon as I got there after getting a prescription filled. =P It wasn't bad. They gave me vicodin, but I never had to take any. So hopefully you won't have many problems! ^.^

    I really love the black and white over this corally/peach color, very pretty!!

  2. So cool! I really, really want a Lynnderella polish too, but it'll probably never happen :(

  3. I'm so jealous of your polish. I have a huge lemming fit anything remOtely close to CTD. It does took fab on you. And I agree it looks 80s ish. Makes me want to sing some Paula Abdul. Hope you get better fast!!


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