neon bikini stripes!

As you're reading this, i'm making the grueling 8 hour drive... to the beach! :e
 Gulf Shores to be exact, and it's the first time i've been to the beach in like 5 years. pathetic.

Anyway, I bought a lovely little cheap swimsuit at Target awhile ago that has some fantastic colors in it, and i've been meaning to do something on my nails inspired by it. 
I really love plaid nail art. I don't have a steady enough hand to really pull it off (even with a good striper), but I thought i'd give it a go anyway.
So here's what I ended up with.

*regular indoor lighting

*fluorescent lighting

*sunlight, no flash

Ok so question... anyone have any idea why the gray polish on most of my fingers has tiny bubbles?
i would really like to know.

I was lucky to find polishes that basically matched my swim suit exactly.
I used:
China Glaze's 'Pelican Gray' as my base
CG's 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini', 'Rich & Famous', & 'Flip Flop Fantasy' for the stripes using a basic nail art brush.

I think if someone who has a steady hand &  a striper (& no bubbly polish) had done this, it would look awesome. I really love all the colors together. I'm just still too much of a n00b in the nail department for it to look that great :P
But i liked it okay.

I've brought a ton of stuff with me to the beach since i'll be there for a week, & i'm really hoping to get some good experimentation and blogging in, but we'll see. Plus I don't even know for sure or not if we're going to have internet access there, soooooo 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hope you have fun! I like the plaid, and I agree it's a cool color combination. Hope you enjoy the beach. It's hot as hell down here! Wish I was at the beach...

    1. thanks! and luckily it's not unbearably hot here... yet.

  2. I like this lot, and I love the inspiration!! If you put on too thick of a coat of polish or if you shook it up right before application, that could be why it bubbled.

  3. CUTE! The polish can have bubbles for any number of reasons: 1. The polish is bad quality. 2. You shook it vigorously (which probably isnt it) 3. You applied too thickly. Sometimes a polish can just have a messed up consistency, so I think it's probably the first reason.

  4. thanks, ladies! your answers were a lot of help. I do believe I actually applied it too thickly O_o

  5. This is so cute! I love the bright colors on the more muted grey <3


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)