ulta haul & giveaway peek!

Hey everyone!
It's like Friday night for me since I don't have class tomorrow,
so i'm feeling pretty good :)

Pretty short, but exciting post for ya'll today!
I got an Ulta giftcard for Mother's day and i've been itching to use it, and today I finally got the chance when the bestie & I went shopping! :)

Here's what I grabbed:

Since we've moved we have slightly less counter/under counter storage space in our bathroom, so i figured giving in and buying a makeup case t store everything in would be the easiest thing to do. I'm quite happy with that sucker.

just a little head's up-
my bestie over at GaGa for Nails and myself are doing a giveaway here very soon,
and a few of the items you see above might just be part of it ;)
Stay tuned for more info on that!


  1. Great haul! The items you picked out look great! Looking forward to finding out more about the giveaway! :)

  2. Nice haul! I keep wanting to buy a makeup case but I just haven't picked one out yet. I love the pattern on yours! I was planning to go to Ulta today to return a few items and hopefully pick out some fun stuff...maybe tomorrow. You keep making me want that metallic palette.

  3. I love that case! It's really pretty!!


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