First deborah lippman, nail mail, & mini haul!

In between a new class and moving, I have FINALLY found a second to blog & it couldn't come soon enough- I have quite a few exciting things for you :)

Firstly, the amazing Kaki over at Glitter Obsession nominated me to receive an Apothica gift card!! I know, right? How awesome is she? (Go check out her blog. She covers a little of everything, though mostly nails, and is quite witty :P)
Anyway, I had been wanting a DL polish for awhile but couldn't rationalize forking up the money for it's expensive price tag, so this gift card was an answer to my prayers!

I decided to buy none other than the magical 'Across the Universe'!

This is a rather sheer blue jelly base with large blue, green, and silver hexagonal glitter and dark blue microglitter. It's downright DREAMY, forrealz. My only caveat with this polish is that it IS a jelly- i'm not tooooo fond of them because they can just get gloopy every now & then, but this polish is beyond worth it.

So, uh, wait a minute... why only the 3 fingers?
I was so overly anxious to out this on that I did so without thinking it through... like thinking of how I was about to have to pack up & move a whole apartment. So by the time I was able to take pictures, really only 3 fingers remained halfway decent looking :( But I've been so determined to just get this sucker posted that I said "what the hey", and am posting this sad little picture. The day I took this OF COURSE wasn't sunny, so this picture really doesn't do the polish justice- but it's all I could get.
So there's my disclaimer :/

I used 3 coats by itself, but this would probably work/look better over a base coat of something else (like Essie's 'Aruba Blue'). 

Now on to some exciting nail mail I received yesterday!
:) :) :)
This is all i'm going to post about them for now :p
But CAN'T WAIT to show you more.

**Also, thinking of using one of these in my giveaway with GaGa For Nails...
what do you think??

I dropped into my local RiteAid today in hopes of finding a wonderful stash of Color Club like I did at the one in Chattanooga a month or so ago...
but no Color Club :/
I did find these 3 little beauties,
two of which are completely new brand names for me.

I've heard of the last brand, but not the first two.
So I'm anxious to try these as well!

That's about it for tonight :)


  1. I LOVE ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. Tis so prettyyy.

  2. Gorgeous! I'm the same way: can't allow myself to spend that much money on a polish. I can't wait to see those indie polishes!

  3. Yay I'm so excited you got lots of pretties! Can't wait fir more swatches. I think the DL polish deserves an eye look with it!! ;-)


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)