Serendipity inspired: 'Trafalgar True'

Good evening, everyone!
I've had a busy day of packing (both the apt since we're moving in 2 weeks, and packing for the beach next week) so it feels good to finally be able to sit down for some 'me' time :)

So my older cousin, myself, and now my daughter were all read the 'Serendipity' series when we were little. It's a series of fantastic books about life lessons that take place on the island of Serendipity, and it stands out because of it's vivid pictures- even now (& it was written in the 70's!!).
I'm in the process of reading all of them to my daughter now, and the great illustrations got me thinking about doing some looks to match them :)

Tonight's look is technically the second look (you can see the other here) but it's from the same book as the first- Trafalgar True!

For tonight I chose the vivid Trafalgar as my inspiration.

*inside, with flash

*fluorescent light, no flash

*full view

Does it looked like I used 3 different kinds of blues here?
Yeah, i didn't think so.
One of them was much too close to another to show much difference, and i should have just left it out completely for a better effect. Trafalgar has so many shades of blue in him that I really wanted to capture that, but I didn't do a very good job :/

Swatches! (all Urban Decay)

All in all, I was semi-happy with the look. It blended almost a bit TOO much on the lid, and I didn't finish the brow bone and crease like I wanted, but i'm still learning. Practice makes perfect, or so they say.
This is obviously not the most wearable look,
but the colors in the book were too beautiful to pass up.

'Peace' & 'Ransom' are two of my favorite UD shades ever. They are two of the very first shadows I ever tried from UD, and i'm pissed that both (i think) are being discontinued. The blue that's supposed to be a good substitute for 'Peace' ('Haight') is nowhere NEAR the as bright :(
Boo, Urban Decay. Boo.

that's that.
What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading! :DD


  1. I love the look! It really makes your eyes pop. And Peace is gorgeous! WTF with ransom being d/c'd? I didn't realize that. I love that color. Such crap.

    1. thanks! & I THINK ransom is, not positive. its been awhile since ive checked the list

  2. This is by far my favorite makeup look you've ever done. :)

    1. I THINK YOU SHOULD WEAR IT ERRYDAY, lawlawlawl. It really does look really good with your eyes, though. c:

  3. SO pretty! Blue and purple look really nice together~ And they look lovely on you.


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