Serendipity inspired: 'The Dream Tree'

Glad to have some me time to blog for a bit. I've been packing and doing laundry like a crazy woman all day.

Tonight is a slightly bipolar post. I wanted to do a look inspired by The Dream Tree, but couldn't decide on which look to go with- so I did one each eye :p

First off,
here's the sweet little book that served as my inspiration.

^this pic is a bit washed out but it was literally one of the ONLY images I could find showing the caterpillar on the cover. Apparently this was a limited version for the cover or something, because they mostly have the butterfly he turned into as the cover. wtf.

Anyway, though it's hard to tell in the photo, the caterpillar is a vivid, bright red and black striped little fella.
So here are the two ideas I had for this:

Black lid, faintly outlined in red.

Stark, red lid.

All together now...
** straight on **
** angle 1**
** angle 2**

YAY, Bipolar disorder!
Ok, let's get to the nitty gritty.
I LOVED making these looks. Both are something I would never wear in public, and I was surprised how much I loved both of these.

The first I created using Urban Decay's 'Blackout' on a primed lid. Afterwards I faintly outlined Sugarpill's 'Love+' with a shadow brush on the brow bone and under my eye, sweeping it out on the corners.

The second look was a perfect excuse to put one of my new shades in the spotlight. I used 'Love+' on a primed lid and lightly brushed UD's 'Vanilla' on the brow bone after.

Both of these looks surprised me because both the red & black are matte shadows. I usually ALWAYS use shimmery shadows, but I reallyyyyyy like how this turned out. Although I DID kind of cheat on the second look, because 'Vanilla' gave me a little shimmer :x

So there you have it!
What do you guys think?
Does it look totally crazy and like i've lost my mind ?!


  1. DUUUUUDE, I freaking love the left eye! That bright red is bangin'. I went to Sugarpill's website the other day and decided I'm getting the 'Sweetheart' palette when it comes back in stock. WEE.

    1. thanks! & yay! i'm getting it, too, but wanted to make sure I liked them first so I just bought the one. The colors in the Sweetheart palette are awesome

    2. Yuppp. I wish the purple was in the Sweetheart palette instead of the white, though. :\ I don't think any of the other colors in the one you got would look good on me. -_-

    3. i think you'd be surprised! i figured the red would just look like i had a bloody eyeball or something, but i couldnt believe how much i liked it :) we can try them on you one day soon! if you wantttttt

    4. OF COURSE. I'mma be over errday after class when you come back from the beach, mwahahahaaa.

  2. Loving the red!


    ps. found your blog through the Brightside Beauty Blog Hop.

  3. I love them both - but I think I like the red one a little more just because it's so bright! You've made me wanna break out my UD palettes and use some of the brighter colors! P.S. These books look super cute, I'm thinking about getting the set for a friend of mine. What age group are they geared toward?

    1. thanks! Please do! & post them so i can see :p i would say 2-6 or 7 or so? not that sure to be honest. And GOOD. LUCK. finding them... they're going on amazon for hundred something dollars. New, anyway. Used they're a lot cheaper. They're worth it, though. there's so many and they're so stinkin cute and creative.

  4. Replies
    1. thanks very much!! I shall follow you back :p

  5. I love that red and sparkle together! Gorgeous!! ^.^


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