melting in the sun :)

Fairly quick post tonight.
I've got another beachy polish for you! :)

OPI's 'Cozu-Melted in the Sun' 

*left hand
*right hand

Again, i apologize for the quality of these photos... i STILL can't find my camera charger so these were taken with my phone. Also, they're in somewhat of a shadow half the time, but that's because in the direct sunlight, they reflect so much its impossible to even see them :/

Anyway, 'Cozu-Melted in the Sun' is a GORGEOUS, fantastic peachy bronze metallic. In some lights it looks more copper, others more pink-ish. Whichever shade it takes on- it's amazing either way. Ya'll know i'm a sucker for metallics anyway, and this one is in m top 5 favorite metallics. I've had this polish for awhile and wear it often, but i've just not gotten around to blogging about it. I figured it's color (And, of course, it's name) would make it a good one to feature while i'm at the beach :)

This applied amazingly, but it is a little sheer so at least 2 coats are necessary. Unlike the Color Club polish in my last post, this polish did NOT get all sticky after being in chlorine... interesting?

Anyway, i've got at least 1 really exciting polish I want to share with you guys in the next few days, so stay tuned for that!!


  1. Gorgeous polish!! I'm so jealous of the color and your vacation. Can't wait for the color you can't wait to show. And that is weird about not getting sticky!

    1. tehe i was hoping to post about it tonight but i'm not able to :((( hopefully tomorrow!

  2. I think the subtlety of this polish is what makes it so beautiful!! ^.^


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