Cocktail Makeup Series- Gin & Sprite w/ Lime

Hey everyone,
I have another look for you today.
( i know i've had several makeup posts lately;
not to worr- i've got some new polishes in the mail that i'll feature soon).
Today's look was a request by a good friend when I asked for suggestions for my cocktail makeup series.

She wanted me to try a Gin & Sprite w/ lime.

Shockinly, i'm sure you can imagine what makes up this drink :)
Using the  colors as inspiration,
here's my look!

I used:
Too Faced's Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill's 'Tako'- brow bone
unnamed silver & light green from Sephora palette, Lime Crime's 'Seahorse Discourse', 
& Urban Decay's 'Homegrown- lid
unnamed dark green, Sleek's 'Cricket' & 'Dragon Fly', & Sugarpill's 'Midori'- crease
Urban Decay's 'Uzi' all over for an 'iced' effect
Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner
L'Oreal Volumious Million Lashes mascara

I was worried this would be reminiscent of my 'Margarita' look,
but the fact that I used NO yellow and a few other shades helped a bit, 
i hope :/
'Uzi' is a chunky silver glitter that I had hoped would look like ice,
but it didn't translate in the pictures quite as well as it did in person.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about it all?!


  1. Beautiful makeup! <3 :) I really love it

  2. I like this look. It is cute! I love the colors you used for it!

    1. thanks! Sugarpill, UD, & and sleek make great shadows. Sephora's arent too bad either :P

  3. Really fun look. It looks really wearable considering it's bright and green, which I find two kinds of colors that are hard to pull off and not look crazy. Great job!

    1. thanks, girl! My mom actually requested I wear it out because she liked it so much, but its muchhhhh brighter than what I personally ever wear out, so i was nervous. I didn't get too many crazy looks, though! :)


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