*REVIEW* Tarte Brazlilliance Self Tanner

So I know this post is a little late since summer has been upon us for awhile now,
but I'm finally getting around to doing this review :)
If you're looking for a fast/easy/safe way to tan-
look no further.

*not my picture

Some of it's Claims:
- Creates a "healthy, faux-glow"
- Moisturizes
- Tarte's PUREShield formula creates a pleasant scent
- Skin will look firmer, brighter, and smoother
- Mitt provides an "easy, no-mess, streak-free tan"

I've quit doing tanning beds altogether because of just HOW FREAKING TERRIBLE they are for you. Girls that tan there a lot and have that deep gorgeous tan may look nice now,
but in ten years when their skin is leather & they look 20 years older than the rest of us,
we'll thank ourselves for taking care of our skin :)

- Moisturizes while tanning definitely felt my skin get more smooth
- Dries FAST! Other self tanners i've used (like Jergens) take FOREVER to dry- this bad boy does in about 10 minutes!
- Doesn't stain clothing, sheets, etc :)
- Using the mitt, creates a natural, even tan
- Can often see immediate results, especially on the face

- A bit pricey, at $37
- Not really a con, but the revolutionary scent they talk about... didn't seem to be there to me. Though it certainly didn't smell bad, it smelled like other self tanners that i've personally used before. Not bad, though.
- I used it twice a week as directed, but I felt like the tan, though it showed up quickly and was gorgeous, didn't last very long- even though I was supplementing it as directed. So, that kind of sucked.

Despite being $37, you get what you pay for- and this bad boy is definitely worth shelling out a few extra bucks. I saw results fast and it made my skin feel and look great. I LOVE that it dries fast and doesn't stain most of all I think. The mitt is an interesting idea. I used it each time, but it was still possible to get streaks if you weren't realllllly careful. So that's just something to watch out for. I'd still use the mitt over my own hands any day :)

RATING (out of 10): 8

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  1. i've never tried self tanner. my mom used to use it all the time and it made her legs orange and streaky so i was always scared to try it. i'd love to see some photos of how it looked on your skin. i also refuse to go tanning so it would be cool to have a natural looking option thats not bad for you.

    1. yeah, many self tanners are just too sketch to apply yourself without looking streaky or like an oompa loompa. The mitt with this one realllllly helped though. It allowed to apply evenly pretty much everywhere! You should definitely try it :)

  2. I tried the Jergens self tanner once, and it was alright. I only used it when I didn't have enough time to get to a tanning bed, though. I'm just not a huge fan of how self tanning lotions look. They always make you look like a big Cheeto, I think!

    1. I've used it before too, and it took FOREVER to freaking dry! I'd have to walk around naked not touching anything for at least an hour haha. no bueno. I agree that most tanning lotions make you look orange, but this one really didn't. I was so pleased. And couldn't believe how evenly it applied!


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