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Ok so for today i'd like to talk about this awesome little creation I discovered:
Tarte's 'Cheek Stain'!

I've used this in 'Natural Beauty' and it's super neat. I've had a hard time finding a powder blush that I don't have to touch up every couple hours so this was an answer to my beauty prayers. It's an all natural cheek stain that is very easy to apply and build up your desired amount of color. The design is kind of similar to a push-pop :) What I like most about this is the ability to blend and it's staying power... once it's on, there ain't no re-application necessary! Another bonus, this cheek stain is blended with 5 different "superfruits", so it's great for your skin.

It's a little pricey (but you get what you pay for!)- you can find it at Ulta for $30!

Do any of you have this? What's your favorite method to use on your cheeks?

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  1. My mother uses products similar to this, and although I don't use blush, I have tried hers before. I have run into the problem that these make my skin look shiny or oily. Is that just because my shin is prone to that?


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