China Glaze's Winter Ice

hello, and

Merry Christmas !

I haven't posted in the last few days because i've been running all over east Tennessee with my daughter and boyfriend seeing our respective families (who are more anxious to see us now more than ever since there's a new addition to the family). Needless to say, though it was nice to see everyone it was a hellishly tiring couple of days. But now i'm back home- where I don't have to wear pants and can blog as I please :p

Just wanted to update you on a purchase- CG's 'Winter Ice' gift set!

Every single one of these polishes are awesome! 
I already love wearing gold or silver (& actually needed a new, quality silver to replace an old, crappy one) & the silver 'Icicle' polish in this set is fantastic- a good basic :) The 'Blue Year's Eve' is a rich, deep blue that's gorgeous, albeit a little runny. My favorites are, of course, the 2 glitters- 'Snowglobe' (the lighter of the two) and 'Tinsel Town'. I feel like 'Tinsel Town' has been all the rage this season as i've seen it featured on many blogs- and for good reason! It's a wonderfully fun polish with micro & macro glitter... though it's a pain to remove, like most glitters :/ 'Snowglobe' is a bit thinner than I thought it would be but still amazing.
All in all- a great purchase.

Do any of you have these? What do you think?!
Any feedback is welcome!


  1. Hahaha. Blogging without pants. That actually made me laugh out loud! Hope you had a great holiday with your family. I LOVE Tinsel Town. It is a pain to remove. Have you ever tried the foil method? Makes like much easier. I'm so jealous of your new polishes. I want Icicle but have yet to grab it.

  2. lololol, 'tis my guilt pleasure :x hope you had a great holiday as well! Ive heard of the foil method, but have no idea what it is (i'm still a noob in the nail polish/art world). What is it exactly?

  3. The foil method if a MUST for removing glitter polishes. Basically you take a small piece of cotton, soak in acetone, and place it on your nail. Then you cover the end of your finger with foil (like, wrap the end of your finger) and press it so it'll stay in place over the cotton. Leave on ten(ish) minutes, and when you go to remove the foil, push down on the top and move side to side while sliding off. It should remove all the glitter without fail! I hope that made sense. There are tons of youtubes and posts on it, if you google it you'll probably get a better explanation.

  4. that did make sense, & definitely sounds easier than regular polish remover, hahah. i'll have to try it! thanks :D


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)