first things first

alright so for starters, i need to go ahead and make readers aware- my first love in the beauty world is eye shadow, and primarily, ud cosmetics.
However, my love affair with eye shadow is certainly not limited to UD, and i'm really hoping as this whole blogging thing continues that i'll discover other fantastic brands.

That being said, the first product up for discussion/review is the newest addition to my palette collection: 
Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Palette

I've found that I use Midnight 15, Midnight Rodeo,  M.I.A., Ace, and Blackout the most. Like allllll urban decay eyeshadows, the staying quality is awesome. They have a famous Primer Potion, though i've never found I even needed to use it- no creasing, here!
Midnight 15, Midnight Rodeo, & M.I.A. are my personal favorites that I wear almost daily. They provide a great day look that's fresh and light. Midnight Rodeo has chunkier glitter than the rest of the palette, so really just a dab is necessary.

Vanilla & Flow i've used occasionally on my brow with the above mentioned trio, just to give the look a little more umph.

I love purple shadows as well (UD has many fantastic ones to choose from!), and Half Truth & Omen are both great. Omen has an iridescent quality that makes it quite different from any other shadow i've tried. Half Truth, to be honest, is reminiscent of another one of UD's purples (which i'll discuss in a later post!) :/ But I still love to wear it for a quick, dramatic effect.

I know they say (apparently?) that light pink goes well with brown eyes, but for the life of me, i do NOT like how it looks with mine. However, when i got this palette I saw Tainted & figured i'd give it a go anyhow.
... to no avail. If I knew some better techniques i'm sure it would look good, but all the ways I've ever tried faint pink eye shadows just makes my eyes look swollen :/ Not exactly the look i'm going for... BUT, Tainted is a great, shimmery, delicate pink that I'M SURE looks good on most :) The corresponding Junkshow is awesome, though. I've only worn it a few times when I was feeling particularly bold, but it mixed with Midnight 15 on the inside corners of the eye is awesome.

Oddly enough, I haven't tried Evidence or Deep End yet. I say' oddly enough' because of all the bold eye shadows, usually blues/greens are my favorite to play with. So I need to get on that :)

I've already briefly mentioned Blackout, and it's probably my favorite black ever (from UB or otherwise). It's a true, pitch black. I personally usually only use a dab in the outermost part of my eye to add a little dramatic effect to a color combo already on there. And, obviously, I usually use it for a nighttime look.

WELL, that's it for my first beauty review. I really, really love this palette. It's filled with a lot of my favorites shades and, of course, is totally durable and worth the price :DD

Hope you enjoyed, and ANY feedback is welcome!!!


  1. I love it! I actually have it but haven't pulled it out to use. Now I want to play with it!


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)