pretty in purple

one of my favorites things about Urban Decay are/(is?) their fantastic purples. Aside from the neutral look, purple is one of the other shades that I love to wear. I feel like it's a great look for those that have brown eyes, especially :) Here's my version:

 * taken in crappy bathroom light ( forgive my deplorable eyebrows!! )

* slightly less crappy fluorescent light

*deer-in-the-headlights look :/

I really like this look because, though the colors are bold, it's still a fairrrrrly subtle look. You could definitely jazz it up with a grey or black on the outermost corners for a more dramatic effect. As you can see from my weird picture above^, the look isn't super obvious to the outsider, unless you're looking down or something... but that's why i like it :)

Swatches of the shades I used:
Vanilla, Midnight 15, Ransom, Omen, & AC/DC

I really love any excuse to use 'Ransom' (my favorite purple of them all) or 'AC/DC'. 'Midnight 15' I use most always in the corner to lighten things up (if i'm not using 'S&M' or 'Uzi', which you can find here for $17 each). And again, not ALL of these shades are necessary to achieve this look- i just really love blending :)

Anyway, that's my little version of a purple look. Any feedback is welcome!


  1. I wear the crap out of my purples, too! I'm thinking I may need the 15th Anniversary palette after Christmas.

  2. YOU DO. so many of the shades in there are awesome


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