the little black dress of eye shadow

Gooooooooood morning!

I was really hoping to wake up to some snow this morning like the rest of Tennessee, but alas, all we get is rain :/ ... Which is a perfect excuse to stay inside & blog today instead of the other 2352325 things i need to do :p

This morning I want to talk about 'the little black dress' of eye shadow- drumroll please- the daytime neutral
This is a look that can be worn with almost anything & takes very little time to do- perfect for those of us with a busy lifestyle & not a lot of time to devote to primping. Personally, this is a look I use almost daily because (aside from it being quick&easy to apply) it gives me a bit more 'umph' in my step. I also really like the simplicity it implies.

Eye shadow never quite looks  the same in pictures as it does in real life :/

This is my version of the daytime neutral. (Forgive my weird, creepy half-open eye- was the only way I could get the look to translate).

Midnight 15, Half Baked, Shag, Underground

Mushroom, Twice Baked

The number of swatches that I used may in and of itself seem like more hassle than it's worth, BUT, this is my personal version. One could easily just use 2 or 3 of these shades & achieve almost the same look. This look is one that i've done so often that i've personalized it a bit, and it still only takes me a few minutes to do.

I begin by dabbing some 'Half Baked' & 'Shag' on the middle of my eyelid. Then i use my pinky finger to get a bit of 'Midnight 15' and dab that on the inner corners of my eye. After that I put a bit of 'Underground' on the outermost of my eye, followed by 'Mushroom' (I showed Twice Baked in the picture as well because I sometimes use that instead of Mushroom), which I then slightly sweep upwards in a horizontal V. Lastly, I go back over the look and blend as needed
Again, not all these steps or shades are necessary- this is just my personal version :)

Regardless, this look is a great, fresh, daytime look that anyone can do!

Hope you've found this interesting/helpful!
 Any feedback is welcome :D

* ALL eye shadows used in this post are Urban Decay
** 'Midnight 15' from here
*** 'Shag' & 'Underground' from here
**** 'Half Baked', 'Mushroom', & 'Twice Baked' from UD's 'Book of Shadows Vol. 2'


  1. Such a great look! I'll have to try it. Works keeps my daytime look neutral, and I use Half Baked about every other day.

  2. thanks! and right?! UD's neutrals are all so amazing :))


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)