positively pink

So i know that I mentioned in a previous post that I don't like pink eye shadow on me, but that was light pink- a brighter pink, i don't mind :) SO, today I was inspired to do the pink look, as it's been a long time since i've done it.

* crappy bathroom light

* close up; weird, fluorescent light

*look when eyes are open!

I actually really like this look. It can definitely be a daytime look and has that slight subtlety to it that I prefer to use so often. I really love playing with all the different shades and blending until I find a combination I like :)

Swatches (all urban decay, of course) :
Vanilla, Midnight 15, Scratch, Fishnets, & Junkshow

Unfortunately, some of these shades are only available in their respective palettes, not sold separately. 'Vanilla', 'Midnight 15', & 'Junkshow' all come in the 15th Anniversary palette. 'Scratch' & 'Fishnets' come in the Deluxe Shadow palette (if you're going to get ANY palette at all- get this one! it has all the best shades. in my opinion :p), AND are sold separately for $18 a piece.

And, as always, not all of these shadows are necessary to achieve this look. One could easily just use Vanilla, Scratch, & Fishnets :)

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Thanks for reading :D


  1. Hey! Thanks for linking up at my blog hop.

    Your eye make up is so pretty! Maybe you will be able to teach me a few things. lol.

  2. Love the eye makeup. You have great eyes for doing eye looks! I need Fishnet like fish need water.

  3. Sarah- no problem! Thanks for giving me the opportunity. & thanks for following me, as well. :)

    Kaki- thank you! i'm not a pro by any means at make-up but it sure is fun to play around with :P and yeah, Fishnet is amazing. It's too bad it's not sold separately :/

  4. Aha! actually Kaki, i lied :x Fishnets IS sold separately, just in the bigger eye shadow size. $18 bucks! :)

  5. I'm actually here from that hop!!! To stop and say hello and see if you can check out my little nail/giveaway/all things awesome blog. :)


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