an earthy look

hey everyoneeeeeeee.
So 'im kind of disappointed about tonight's post. I really wish I had a better camera... because, though I love the one I have, it just doesn't always cut it.
The look I did today used some great earthy shades, but they came off as 2 shades in the pictures and look dull as all get out.

Regardless of that, I decided to post them anyway.
Here's what's SUPPOSED to be a nice, earthy, nighttime look.

*outside light- shade

*inside, with flash

okay so, does this look like I just used gold & black to you?....
I thought so.
Here's the swatches of what I used:

(all Urban Decay form BoS 2)
*From L to R: 'Midnight Cowboy', 'Baked', 'Cobra', & 'Bender'
(sorry this is blurry; couldn't get a steady pic of them for the life of me today)

I feel like 'Midnight Cowboy' is clearly visible, but 'Baked' less so... though in the second picture I feel like you can see it then.
I was really disappointed with how 'Cobra' & 'Bender ' looked. Granted, I used very little of the latter, but 'Cobra' definitely should not appear black since it's a dark green/brown with gold shimmer.
so WTF.

I guess the fact that 'Bender' didn't show up better is on me since I used so little... I'll just have to use more next time :)
This was my first time using 'Cobra' & 'Bender' so I wasn't too sure what to expect.
I'm excited to use 'Bender' again soon since it's practically invisible here.


  1. I can see the green in there! =) I like this look a lot, actually!

    1. lol well good! and thanks, i was worried haha

  2. What kind of camera do you use? And lighting? When I take pictures of makeup (not that mine are good by far) I do it in sunlight or with a desk lamp shining in my face! I like the look - I tried one of my BOS finally - I did a quick look with Crystal, Bender, Baked, and Zephyr. It wasn't all that, but I'm branching out finally! haha But yours is MUCH better!!

    1. haha nice! And i doubt that :) I've been wanting to try Crystal soon, too. And I either use daylight or a fluorescent lightbulb near my face :/ My camera is a Sony Cybershot. 41 megapixels. What about yours?

    2. I use a Canon something or other, a point and shoot. I love my lil camera! I've tried this kind of look a few times now with using three colors on the lid, and every time I do it, I get tons of compliments!


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