my 'go-to' look & Laine blogger award

happy monday!
 I just signed up for a bigger apartment & am so. stoked. to move in!

Anyway, I know I do a lot of more over the top looks,
so today I figured I'd post my newest everyday, daytime, 'go-to' look.

*outdoor light, shade

So I really love this look.
 It's a great subtle, neutral look that goes with anything, is super easy to do, & takes MAYBE 5 minutes. 

I used(all Urban Decay):
'Spotlight' on the inner corners
'Wreckage' on the outer corners
'Skimp' on the brown bone

All can be seen here in UD's Mariposa palette!

Very simple but effective !

NOW, on to the award:

The lovely & amazing Nails Like Lace passed on this award to me! She always does some super awesome, atrsy stuff to her nails that I've never seen before- you definitely need to check her out if you haven't already!

The rules:
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you.
2. Blog about your award.
3. Give this award to 5 bloggers & let them know you gave it to them.

I now pass this one to a few of my favorite blogs:
GaGa for Nails, my bestie


  1. Oooh pretty eyes. You know I'm a sucker for neutrals. I'll have to try this look! Although I don't have those colors... And thanks for the hookup with the award!

    1. lololol, i do know this! I think you'd definitely like them. I have them in my Mariposa palette, but I think at least one or two of them are sold separately... and you're most welcome!

  2. I love neutral shadows. They make up probably 95% of the eyeshadow I own! =P


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)