my final (& favorite) St. Patty's day polish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, ya'll!
Hope everyone had fun immersing themselves in beer, green attire, & what have you :P

So tonight's little gal is the other polish i bought (along with this one) from GlitterFest.
There's not really much of an introduction necessary; the polish speaks for itself!

Behold, 'Free Bird' !
GlitterFest describes 'Free Bird' as "a gorgeous emerald green with gold flakes throughout". It's a light green base with SO many different kinds of glitter- it's nuts. Just with the naked eye, you can see that 'Free Bird' has loads of teeeeeeeny dark green glitter, along with large hexagonal & square pieces of green glitter, large square and triangular gold glitter, and large holographic golden diamond glitter (whew- mouthful).
So neat, and different from any other polishes I have.

* one coat over China Glaze's 'Re-Fresh Mint'

* 2 coats, with SV

So rich and lustrous it's ridiculous. I thought about just using 1 coat & using the polish as a topcoat, but I liked the effect I got with 2 coats, so I went with that instead. I don't have another polish that's this shade of green, and I really like it.

All in all, I'm totally pleased with 'Free Bird', and GlitterFest in general. As I've stated before, each of their polish is about $4 (because it's in a smaller bottle, but that's ok with me :)) and you can get them off their Etsy website. I know that I, for one, am definitely going to be getting some more. Shipping was super fast & they came seriously like 2 days later. 

Anyway, hope everyone had a lovely St. Pat's!
I've got my Zoyas from their recent promotion and a new palette coming in the mail... so I'm super excited about upcoming posts!


  1. gorgeous!! i really love this combination, it really shows off the amazing glitter

  2. I love this! It looks great on you! Have you thought about doing a series of makeup inspired by nail polish? That way you can keep showing us your fab nails but tie back into your specialty! I bet you could do some fun poses with your hands near/on your face! Just a thought!

    1. thanks! and that's a good idea. i've thought of it before but keep forgetting to try it. i may have to now! :)

  3. I love this combo! So gorgeous!! ^.^


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