Easter look #1

Hey guys :)
So after doing my Easter nails last night it really got me in the mood to do a look with Easter colors. This could go any number of directions, but I decided to go the delicate route with this first one.

* inside, with flash

* close up, fluorescent light

I'd never played with this color combo before, but i LOVE it. Its so girly and fun. I wasn't sure exactly how this was going to turn out, so I'm glad it resulted in something like this.

Swatches (from L to R):
'metallic white' from Ulta's metallic palette
'metallic yellow' " "
 Urban Decay's 'Sphynx' 
UD's 'Fishnet'

The first two colors are pretty self explanatory. Though it's hard to tell in the pictures, 'Sphynx' is a gorgeous, light, and shimmery pink with tiny pieces of holographic glitter. 'Fishnet' is a rich, shimmery magenta shade with a purple tint to it.

I barely used any pencil or liquid eyeliner because I really wanted the 'softness' of the shades to stand out, & was afraid by using eyeliner like I usually do, it would look much too heavy.
I feel as thought I could have done a bit better job blending, but oh well.
Next time I might also use a bit more of 'Fishnets', just to make it slightly more dramatic.


  1. Oh i love it. Especially with that pop of yellow! So pretty. I've never thought of liking yellow on eyes, but I like it as an accent, and the way you placed it is perfect. I'll add this to my to try looks of yours!

    1. thanks! yellow is kind of a weird color. I've never really used it too much before, but I really like it in small doses :)

  2. This is probably one of my favorites that you've done so far!

  3. I love the pastel rainbow look! Very cute!!


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