a weird & a minimalist st. patty's day mani

HAYSUP everyone.
I'm pretty bummed at the moment,
because I was so excited to sit down & blog with a nice glass of wine...
but alas, it appears that I have drank it all >.<

Anyway, I wanted to try a few more festive manis for the upcoming holiday,
but I'm not that pleased with what I came up with; I took them both off almost immediately.
Nevertheless, I figured I'd share them.

First up,
yeah, I have no idea what I was trying to do here.
Something, obviously, buttttt...  o_O
I used 2 coats of China Glaze's 'Four Leaf Clover' as the base & did the stripes with China Glaze's 'Re-Fresh Mint'. The clovers are stamped with white Konad stamping polish and plate BM03. That didn't come off well, either, but screw it.

This one I like a bit better since it's more simple. I used CG's 'Re-Fresh Mint' again as the base, then some tiny green hearts from my basic Cina nail art kit. This is the first time I've used any nail art like this, & it was actually pretty fun.

Anyway, there's that.
I scored UD's Book of Shadows 4 off eBay for $25 (holllla!) & hope it gets here soon so I can do some looks with some new shades :)
That's my specialty, anyway- though I know most of you are nail guru's & much prefer to see nail stuff :$


  1. Ahaha I hate when I've drank all the wine! I have a bottle here - come over - we'll play with eyeshadow and drink wine. =) I can't wait to see looks with your BoS!!

    1. hahaha good suggestion... i bet the more wine we drink, the better they'll get... :p

  2. I think they're both cute! Especially the first one!! ^.^

    1. lolololol, well thank you! I still think it's just odd but it works I guess, haha

  3. I love them both!!! Especially like the stamping on the first one. Both very cute and festive!


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