a jam packed Field Day

Happy mid-week everyone!
Fairly exciting post tonight for you.
I bought my first GlitterFest polishes the other day,
& this is the first of the two.

'Field Day' is a clear base with OVER 30 different types of glitter!!! So nuts. The most prominent color is gold, but there are definitely obvious hints of light blue, lavender, and a light pink in there as well (among others), PLUS a nice touch of holographic glitter to much of that. Most of it is small, medium, & large hexagonal glitter with some (holographic) gold bars, too.

* fluorescent light

* sunlight

Here I used 2 coats of 'Field Day' over 2 coats of Sinful Color's 'What's Your Name' because I really found it to look it's best over a super dark color... though I (oddly enough) don't have a plain, solid black- which would be ideal for this polish.

I really loved this little guy. I found new colors/shades in each different kind of light I was in throughout the day. You can get GlitterFest polishes on Etsy for about $4 a piece (yay!), though that's mainly because they're in what looks like old Bon Bon bottles, but that's ok. They shipped super quick, also :)


  1. Hmm this one is interesting! Do I see some star glitter in there too or is it my imagination?

    1. lol, its totally possible! theres over 30 different kinds

  2. This glitter looks awesome! I want!

    1. thanks, i thought so, tooooo. it was just $4!


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