Kardashian chick-lettes :p

Wooooooooo for it being Friday!
So I'm getting so stoked seeing all these Easter manis that I figured it was time to do one of my own. I love pastel colors (which are, of course, associated as Easter colors) so this time of year shall be quite fun for me as a blogger :p

Ok, for tonight's inspiration I used a bit of personal history mixed with some classic Easter manis. When my mom was little, her Grandfather (who owned a farm) would always give her & her siblings baby chicks dyed different colors for Easter. They'd keep them for a little bit, then take them back as they got older.
I've also seen some people do some really cute Easter nails using baby chicks doing various things, so I thought I'd follow that line of thought.

First I want to brag about the fantastic base polish I used:
'Ladies in the Limelight' by NOPI's Kardashian Kolor collection.
This is a lovely pastel yellow creme that's sold (I think) exclusively at CVS stores. I bought this just a couple days ago thinking that it would be a great polish for the upcoming holiday... and I was right. I'm usually not a fan of yellow on my nails, but this one is awesome!

Alright, moving on to the chicks...
(messed up my middle finger's eyes last minute & didn't feel like fixing it)

Granted, this is a pre-clean up shot because I was just SURE my daughter was going to wake up & i'd mess them up, (she did) so I took this as soon as I finished.
Anyway, what do you think?!
I love these little guys.
Again, nothing new but it was still fun to do.

I used:
'Ladies in the Limelight' as base (3 coats)
China Glaze's 'Alpine Snow' and a striper/regular brush for the egg shells
black Konad special polish & a dotting tool for the eyes
Sally Hansen's 'Sun Kissed' & dotting tool for the 'beak'

I wish I had been able to clean the mu & get a shot before they got messed up,
but oh well :/
Next time, I suppose.

Whatchya think?
Let me know :)
Have a great rest of the night!


  1. A) I'm still amused that you can dye chicks different colors, that's adorable!!

    B) Your chicks came out super super cute!! ^.^

    C) Sounds like you need to invest in some fast-dry top coat. ;) Personally, I love the Sally Hansen stuff that comes in a red bottle.

    1. haha, right?! that was the good ole days, i guess. & tehe, thank you! I have a coat of SV i had just put on it, but it scraped against the crib & got messed up anyway :/ sigh.

    2. :( Boo! I hate messing up nails that I just finished!


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