new favorite!- 'One Big Happy Fame-ily'

Helloooo everyone.
Just finished re-watching some of Game of Thrones from last season in preparation for the new season starting this sunday!! :e
Anyone else watch it? Or read the books?
Both are amazing. So if you haven't- do it.

OKAY, I'm truly excited about tonight's polish. I bought it on a whim and didn't think much of it, but now it's seriously one of my new favorites. forreal. 
I don't have any other polishes like it, & it just looks amazing.

I give you NOPI's 'One Big Happy Fame-ily'

* outside, no flash
(forgive my bone dry cuticles; working on that. i feel like i'm always saying that...maybe I should switch to a different cream..)

* inside, fluorescent light

This polish is a gorgeous lilac packed with tons of silver shimmer. It's part of the Kardashian Kolor collection & sold exclusively at CVS. 
I wasn't sure how I would like this shade on my hands,
but it really surprised me. I love me a good shimmer, so that just did everything in :)


  1. It looks like you're doing a really good job growing your nails out!

    1. lololool, i'm doing my best. I quit biting them several months ago, but they're so brittle and break so easy that it's really hard to grow them :/

  2. Great job stopping biting your nails, I know that must have been hard! Your cuticles look fine to me but I thought I'd tell you my favorite cuticle cream: Burts Bees. I love it! It smells lemony and it isn't greasy. I don't use it enough though!

    1. thanks! it only took me forever, but I'm glad I finally did. & that's actually what I use! I love it, but my cuticles still are pretty dry. I don't know if its just because I use my hands a lot or maybe need to use it more than twice daily... I don't know :/

  3. This is really pretty! It is so perfect for Easter!


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